Monday, April 27, 2015

end of April

Archie and Pony.
Violette. No, I don't worry.
Violette again. she always wears her christmas pajamas.
Gordon, rinsing off soap.
Isabella and Violette, at prom, smiling for someone else's camera.
great reading.
Max and Phillip at Isabella's prom.

Mitchell with two of sisters.
Isabella with a couple of Trampled by Turtles/Dead Man Winter gents.
the cat, Grandma.
i needed a photo for an article asap, so Gordie very expertly shot this of me.
he can also climb door frames.
Erik with Dead Man Winter at the brewery. 
the ramps are up.
Violette and Archie, sometime friends and sometime enemies.
we're blurry. Rachael Hanel and me at the Minnesota Book Awards. i didn't win. ha. 

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