Manuscript and Story Consulting

Manuscript and Story Consulting

Open to: Literary Fiction, Short Story collections, Historical Fiction, Genre Fiction (Western, Fantasy, Military, etc.), Literary Nonfiction, Essay collections, Memoir, Biography, Young Adult, and Middle Grade. 
What You’ll Submit: Your “nearly there” manuscript, your idea, or your vision 
What You’ll Get: Helget reads as the audience you intend and as the editor/publicist you hope to secure. Her edits, thoughts, queries, and/or suggestions appear on nearly every page. Sometimes the marks are line edits or word choice questions, and sometimes they are bird’s eye commentary or questions. In any event, Helget provides a comprehensive micro and macro audit of your work, including compliments or recommendations on diction, sentence and paragraph structure, musicality, setting, pacing, character development, tension, plot, dialogue, metaphor, surprise, narrative design, voice, themes, and point of view. She sees her role as the mediator between you and your reader, advocating for you as a literary artist and for the reader as a person who deserves an emotional and intellectual experience. Ultimately, you will receive your manuscript back with detailed commentary on the page along with a 5-10 page letter outlining your strengths and suggesting improvements and, if appropriate, ideas for agent and/or editor leads for your work. Email correspondence throughout the agreement will be instigated by Helget, and email queries from you will be responded to in 48 hours. A timeline for the entire project will be agreed upon, but short projects should expect a 2-3 week turnaround, and longer projects should expect a 4-6 week turn around.

Ghostwriting and/or Family Histories

Other services include ghostwriting of your personal story with significant research and writing and editorial assistance.

Policy and Promotional Materials

Voters and consumers are moved by story. Without an emotional anchor, data and facts affect few people. As a state, nation, and planet, we are facing the grandest challenges and opportunities we've ever known. Are you communicating with your constituents and customers in ways that move them?

Varies by project but is usually near $500 (base price) + 2.5 cents/word

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