Friday, April 4, 2014

Boys With Bats

I'm working on a speech, about baseball and writing (the oldest sports writing cliche in the book!) for tomorrow. It got me thinking about his old video of my uncle and my dad and the place where I grew up, Stark Baseball Diamond.

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  1. Nicole,
    Your speech about baseball and writing was lovely and inspiring. I did a Google check to see if you'd posted it anywhere and stumbled onto your blog, happy to find the sweet video you shared at the St. Peter Reads event. It reminds me the stories I've heard about my grandfather, who played town team ball in Stearns County long, long ago. I hope you'll add your speech to your blog as well. I'm not a baseball devotee, but I appreciate the metaphors and comparisons to writing. Hearing you speak yesterday was like reading one of your books, or perhaps vice versa! Thanks again... Jill