Sunday, April 20, 2014

What Used To Be the Kasota Prairie

now looks like this...

Some previous photos of Kasota Prairie here (although you can find lots better with a simple google search. I just happened to have these.) :

I should also mention that Unimin does claim to restore after the life of the mine. How they repay for the loss of animal habitat and human enjoyment during the life of the mine is unclear. Perhaps they are pouring money into the community. I have no idea. In the meanwhile, I'm reminded, the hard way, why it's important to pay attention. I also believe that the consumers who do the most consuming should be the ones who feel it hardest. That'd be us, I guess.

Their statement here:
As the productive life of a mine is ended Unimin returns the land to an ecologically appropriate landscape. Our commitment to restoration extends beyond simple beautification. We strive to create natural ecosystems and wildlife habitats that preserve biodiversity and provide enjoyment for future generations.

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